SCALAR QUANTITIES: 1999 was a site specific audio visual multi-media installation created for my second year MFA solo show in Alloway Gallery at Stony Brook University.

In programming language, a scalar refers to the storage location of a specific piece of information, or value. The scalar quantity can be recalled during the execution of a program in order to point the machine to access the information. In certain models of physical memory storage, the human brain works in a similar way, such that memories are broken down into many attributes and each is stored in a separate location, creating a constantly shifting memory matrix.

In SCALAR QUANITITES: 1999, I aim to consider the relationship of digital and physical memories and the ways in which each influences our remembering experience. Working with found videos, photos, and generated 3D scans and virtual environments, I have generated an abstract “memory” of my childhood kitchen based on a clip of one home video recorded by my father on January 16th, 1999 on an analogue commercial video camera.