symbiosis., 2016

symbiosis. an ongoing collaboration with Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Nils Westerlund. Thanks to Data Garden's MIDI Sprout.

Symbiosis refers to the relationship of organisms existing in close proximity to each other, in which the relationship proves beneficial to both. In this site specific, multimedia, interactive installation, the symbiotic relationship becomes one of harmony between man, plant, and machine, which temporarily suspends the many contemporary detriments that exist in each of these connections. Facilitated and augmented by technology, the plant is able to “perform” by producing immersive and shifting audio and visuals in which the man, the user, is able to interact and effect with their own physical bodily gestures, thus creating a transcended experience in which the user truly feels their connection to the world around them.

This project aims to engage a user (or multiple users) in an embodied sense to create a very literal physical participation. The body of the user becomes the tool through which they shape the audio and visuals “produced” by the plant via body motion. The resulting performance becomes an audio/visual collaboration meant to evoke a temporal sense of place and interconnectedness of energy.

symbiosis. came out of an audio/visual collaborative installation developed at NYU's ITP Camp but has since been performed aboard Mary Mattingly's SWALE ( made possible by Biome Arts (

November 10th, 2016, Brooklyn Bridge Park.